What Do Vets Talk about with Each Other??

I just came back from a dinner party with two other veterinarians and their spouses. Great food and good company.  Everybody petted the house dogs and cats, which were lovely, in good condition, and very social. We discussed ages and issues of the “furkids.” We talked about cases we had seen, both the tough ones and […]

My history with Animal Behavior

I grew up with pets: cats, a dog and horses. I was truly an animal person from the beginning. Somewhere along the way I got interested in competition with my horse. I learned about training in different disciplines to compete. I learned from other people, I learned from reading and probably most of all, I […]

Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital Hosts BRIGHT SMILE Contest

Attention Schuylkill County pet owners! It’s pet dental month.  It is estimated that 80 percent of people brush their teeth every day, but far fewer pet owners do the same for their pets. Pet Dental Health Month, celebrated every February, teaches pet owners proper dental hygiene is equally as important for their pets. Upload a […]

Why I don’t declaw my cats (but will declaw yours)

I have had a house full of cats my entire life. I am a self professed cat addict (are there support groups for this?). Other cat lovers will understand. I am frequently asked by my Schuylkill County clients to declaw their cats. I will, but first explain that declawing is actually an amputation of the distal bone […]

Watch Westminster Kennel Club Breed Judging Here

Not everyone has the luxury of watching the Westminster Kennel Club show either in person, or during they day when many of us work! So the Kennel Club has provided a way for you to watch your favorite breed judging on your own time. Westminster Kennel Club judging is here, and after the first day, […]

Westminster Kennel Club 2012

Hey Schuylkill County dog lovers! Are you watching Westminster Kennel Club this week? If so, do you have a favorite to root for? We are proud to say one of our groomers and teachers of family dog training class, Kitty Burke, is also a professional dog show handler. Kitty operates Kindred Spirits Handling in Bethel, […]

Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips

This week, when you’re preparing for “Turkey Day” keep in mind that holidays can bring hidden dangers for our pets.  The ASPCA provides a list of tips to keep in mind for the holidays.  Check out the following tips from ASPCA experts for a fulfilling Thanksgiving that your pets can enjoy, too. The holiday season […]

Welcome to Dr. Thornton’s Blog

Welcome to our newly redesigned website, and to Dr. Thornton’s first venture into blogging. I hope you find some good information on our site, and check back often to see what is new here. I’ll start with some seasonal information, as it’s getting colder now and we’ll need to remember that winter brings challenges for […]