CFA Annual

I spent the last weekend in June at the Cat Fanciers’ Association annual meeting. I went as a delegate for my club, the RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers and to get the award my cat had won in person. Pixi Stix was the best RagaMuffin in the country for the last show season. While I have had […]

North Atlantic Regional Cat Show

I entered two of my RagaMuffins, Smidgen and Sugar Daddy in the CFA North Atlantic cat show held in Cromwell, Connecticut this month. Friend Lynda Jay of Serendippity RagaMuffins flew in for the show, bringing her kitty Truffles to show and delivering my new show kitten Solo. I was really looking forward to the show […]

Pet Transportation Safety

       Most of us wear seat belts in the car. At least, I know I do. How much thought do you put into the safety of your pets in the car? With any luck, nothing will happen, but what if there is an accident? I’ve heard too many horror stories of pets that […]

Nice Day With the Dogs

  It was my pleasure to be invited to judge at the Berks County Kennel Club match shows today. Once again, I had the opportunity to examine more than just Labradors. I judged the sporting group along with Best in Match in the morning. The afternoon brought with a second match. In this match, I […]

Jelly Belly Grands!

  It was a good weekend at the cat show in the Philadelphia area. My eighteen month old RagaMuffin Jelly Belly was very close to earning her CFA Grand Championship after her last show. Her career had picked up speed recently and she had earned quite a few points in the last couple of shows. […]

Bird vs Cats

As I do most nights, tonight I was sitting in the den on my computer waiting for time to feed the horses. My youngest cat went running across the room looking up. Another cat did the same. I looked up as well, knowing that it was probably going  to be something I was not going […]

Cat Show Adventure

Last weekend was a typical cat show weekend for the most part. I took my kitten Sugar Daddy for his first time being judged. He was nervous Saturday morning. But, as the day wore on, he learned that it was fun being handled by judges and even decided to go up the pole for a […]

Dog Judging Experience

Dog Judging Experience I had the honor of judging the sporting dogs at the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club match today. It was the first time I have judged anything other than Labradors (or much earlier in my life, horses). And, yes, on Super Bowl Sunday, dog lovers take their dogs to a competition or simply […]

The Opossum Trilogy

A while back I began to notice that my barn cat Waffles seemed to be eating more than usual. He is a hard working cat that takes his job seriously. He gets a quality diet and regular petting. I was pretty sure his appetite didn’t suddenly increase; I suspected a nocturnal barn visitor. I have […]

Care package for Military Dogs

Every January, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital collects items or money to purchase items to send a care package to military dogs. We call it Happy New Woof. The dogs that serve in the armed forces play a vital role in keeping our troops safe. While the dogs have excellent food and medical care, the fun stuff […]