New Litter Boxes

  During this time of self isolation, I am doing on line shopping like a lot of other people. Unlike many people, I am buying litter boxes. For some reason, there are good deals with free shipping available. I am focusing on litter boxes with high sides. I am tired of sweeping up what seems […]

Canned Food Warmer for Pets

I was sitting around chatting at a cat show with friends recently when one mentioned having a canned food heater that she used to make the food more attractive for her cats. I had never heard of such a thing! A quick Google search revealed that, yes, there existed an Animal’s Instinct Pet Food Warmer. […]

Remarkable Weekend at the Cat Show

Last weekend was the annual Santa Paws CFA cat show in the Baltimore, Maryland area. I go to this show every year, not because I expect to win a lot as it is a tough show, but because it is a fun time. I enjoy hanging out with friends, cheering each other along. The show […]

The Heated Bed

    After Thanksgiving sales were too tempting to ignore. I went Internet shopping for my pets. My oldest cat, Petals, has arthritis. While she is getting medical treatment , I thought a heated pet bed might helpful as well. I looked at several that were available. One seemed to be just perfect for a […]

Static Electricity

At the last cat show I went to, the show hall was dry, very dry. And the cats were full of static.  My cats, especially Solo, were getting shocked by me and the judges. I carry products just for this but nothing seemed to do the job. I wasn’t the only person with this issue. […]

Orchid’s Checkup

  All my animals get yearly checkups. Yes, I see them at home on a daily basis. But, I make it a point to haul them into the hospital every year for a physical examination. I put on my doctor hat and look at their teeth, check their ears, listen to their heart, etc. I […]

Help For Pet Lovers with Allergies On The Horizon?

The Purina Institute recently published research in Immunity, Inflammation and Disease concerning a dietary formulation for cats that reduces allergic reactions in people. As many pet lovers suffer from cat allergies, this has the potential to be a major breakthrough.  The source of allergic reactions to cats in 95% of people is the Fel d1 […]

Gertrude’s First Show

    Last weekend I drove to Maryland with three RagaMuffins to show. The show was at the fairgrounds, so I stayed at the Red Roof Inn. I stay there every time I go to this venue as it is close and, of course, allows pets. To say it is not luxurious would be correct. […]

AKC Judge

The email came today. It’s an important one for me. I was notified that I am now an American Kennel Club judge of Labrador Retrievers. It’s been an ongoing process for the last two years. I began showing Labradors in 1996. Since then, I’ve competed in conformation, field, obedience and rally. My dogs have earned […]

Cat Agility

Did you know that many Cat Fanciers’ Association shows have cat agility competitions? It’s true! And it is a lot of fun to watch. The cats go over jumps, through weave poles and tunnels. Some are just lightening fast; others, not so much because, well, cats are cats. Look here to get details. I’ve tried […]