Care package for Military Dogs

Every January, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital collects items or money to purchase items to send a care package to military dogs. We call it Happy New Woof. The dogs that serve in the armed forces play a vital role in keeping our troops safe. While the dogs have excellent food and medical care, the fun stuff comes out of the handler’s own pockets. That’s where the donations come in.

Toys and treats for these hard working canines are packed up at the end of the month and shipped out to be enjoyed by the furry soldiers. I go on a shopping trip prior to boxing the goodies up to buy stuff with the money donated. I buy only treats and toys made in the USA. We also send notes written by the people that donated. I’m hoping the handlers read them aloud to their partners!

If you have contributed in the past, thank you. If have not and wish to do so, there is still time!