Happy Reunions



Who doesn’t love to read about a happy reunions? By reunion, I mean when absent pets are reunited with their owners. Among my favorite posts that I look at on the Internet are videos of pets seeing their people after being lost, sometimes for years. These reunions are almost always made possible  by microchips.

I make sure to microchip every one of my pets because, well, you never know. It’s true my dogs and cats almost never go outside except in an enclosed area or in a carrier. But the potential IS there for contractors, plumbers, or even first responders to leave a door open long enough for a beloved animal to escape.  In other cases, pets run from cars in an accident or unknowingly hitch a ride in a vehicle with a door ajar. A microchip is peace of mind for me.

I recommend all my patients are microchipped. Some breeders microchip pets prior to sale and put their own information on it as well as the new owners for extra security. I always remind owners to be sure to keep their address and phone numbers updated with the microchip company to make it easier to find the owner in the event the pet is lost.

During the month of December, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital offers microchips at a reduced fee. $28 covers the cost of the microchip and lifetime registration. It’s time to renew dogs licenses. Did you know you could get a lifetime PA license when your dog has a microchip?