Ticks- The Ugly Truth

Ticks are terrible, disease carrying organisms. I knew they could be active at times that many people think they are not. But, I recently learned that they are even more active than I thought. In the past, I would take my dogs off flea and tick medication after the second hard frost and restart in early spring.

I never SEE a flea or tick on my pets because I am pretty regular about using a good product that is safe for the pet, but fatal for the insect. I am also religious about applying the product on time. But, on the routine check up for Orchid, my 5 year old Labrador, she tested positive for Anaplasmosis, a tick borne disease. I was surprised, but in view of what I know now, taking her off the medication for the winter was a mistake.

Orchid will be fine. She’s on medication. She had no symptoms. And I have learned my lesson. My pets will stay on fleas and tick treatment year round. And, I will recommend that for my clients’ pets.