Planting Peonies

14479802_10209307683081440_3195855964581717331_nI almost always write about my pets or animals in general. Today, it is time for a brief departure.  I planted peonies today. Hopefully in three years, they will display large, beautiful hot pink blooms. But these are more than just flowers, they are a link to my history.

Over twenty years ago, when I moved to my current home, my father brought peonies from my home state of Virginia to plant. I had not known the story behind them when I grew up and they were planted in the yard. Honestly, I didn’t even remember them among my father’s productive garden. But then he told me the story.

My father’s mother ordered the peonies shortly before she passed away. She died when my father was only four or five years old. The peonies, arriving after her death, were planted by my grandfather. They grew, the children grew, my grandfather remarried, the flowers continued to bloom. As the children left home, they took peonies bulbs with them to nurture and grow.

I never knew my grandfather. My father has been gone for over ten years. My mother has been gone longer than that. This year, when the peonies did not come up in the spring and I realized I had lost them, I was sad. It was as if I’d lost those people. I put out an SOS call to my siblings to replace the plants and my sister came through with a bundle from her garden to plant this fall.

I put them in a different, hopefully better, place in the garden now. I am looking forward to seeing them grow and bloom.