So,You Think You Should Get Two Puppies?

You are going to look at a litter of puppies. You are missing a dog in your life. Maybe your old dog died, or your kid moved out and took the dog with him. It doesn’t matter, you are ready to make a lifelong commitment  to another living being. It’s exciting. It’s daunting. You have to remember how to potty train a puppy. Are you going to let the puppy sleep on your bed? What color collar will you buy?

Then, you see those darling creatures with soft eyes and four legs. They are adorable! They lick you and are so happy to meet you. You find out that more than one is looking for a home. You think about getting two. After all, two puppies is no more work than one, right? WRONG!

It is not a good idea to get two puppies at the same time. As I tell my clients, getting two puppies is three times the work. You will need to work with each puppy separately, take them on separate walks, separate cars rides and spend time with each puppy to bond. Puppies adopted together tend to bond with each other and less so with the family. Acquiring two puppies is more responsibility than most have the time or interest for.

If you want more than one dog, wait a year or more for the second one. It’s worth the wait and the dog will benefit from your patience.

Photo at top courtesy of Eric Danley via Flickr