So Tired of Winter

I hate the cold. Always have. Winter is something I just wait to be over. I wish I lived in the deep south many mornings. But, my animals don’t seem to mind it like I do. Some even seem to like it!

My house cats enjoy snuggling in for a nice nap, but several also venture into their fenced in cat yard in the snow. Really. They sit in the cold with their fur blowing in the wind. My least favorite thing is in the middle of the night when they decide to come visit me in my slumber with their icy paws and  bellies. Nice…..not.

My barn cat Waffles loves any weather. He bounces around the barn with joy. On particularly cold days, he may be found in his heated enclosure, but most of the time, he prefers curling up in the hay. He has a heated water bowl, plenty of food, and his equine friends.

The dogs, well, they are Labs. What can I say? They LOVE the cold. They run through the snow, trot in the stream, and make doggy snow angels. While my oldest dog is restricted from staying outside too long, the younger ones rarely ask to come in on their own.

The horses also like the cold. As long as there is plenty of hay around, most cold weather does not bother them. The only time I make sure they are inside is sleet or freezing rain. Their well insulated bodies handle the cold well, as long as they are dry. One of my horses now wears a “wind breaker” as her natural coat does not seem to give her the protection she needs as she ages.

I am thinking that one day I, too, will learn to appreciate the cold. But for now, all I can do is stay in a warm house with cats and dogs to huddle with and wait until spring.

Pphotos by Margaret Wilson, Shadowglen Labradors