Owl Release at Red Creek

Recently I attended a presentation at Red Creek Wildlife Center. I’ve attended them before. If you have never been out there, it is worth the trip. The seminars are very well done. Peggy is loaded with information. This particular presentation was about Pennsylvania owls.

Attendees got to meet Gabby, the Great Horned owl, and Cookie, the Baird owl. Both are educational birds at the center. We saw an excellent Power Point of the various owls found in Pennsylvania that included fascinating videos. Peggy is a great story teller, mixing in tales of rescues along with interesting facts.

Actually, those of us who attended got to witness Peggy in action when we arrived. On driving up to the center, we had to slow down and drive 20140927_175825around what appeared to be a disoriented half grown raccoon in the road. After parking, the raccoon appeared to be heading toward the buildings in the middle of the road. So, we got to see Peggy, with the backup of her team, net the creature and safely cage it for evaluation.

We are very fortunate in our area to have two wildlife rehabilitators. They provide a valuable service to the community. These presentations are well worth the effort to go to and learn a few things. Great for a whole family!  Any animal lover  would enjoy it. I know I did.