Recipe for a Happy Cat

Coming up soon is my free public seminar on how to have a happy cat. I gave this seminar about three years ago. It was well attended and got very good feedback, so decided to repeat! Information is updated, as knowledge is always expanding. The guest cat will be different. This time I am bringing Nougat to meet and greet attendees.

The seminar will cover basic and not so basic information on how to care for cats. It can be more complicated than you think. As a self proclaimed cat lady, a veterinarian with over thirty years of practice under my belt, and an exhibitor in the cat fancy, I have learned a lot of the tricks to keeping cats happy and healthy.

I adore cats. I have lived with them my entire life.  They continue to amaze me. Their personalities range from A to Z. They are smart, athletic, and graceful. They have definitive likes and dislikes. I will be talking about the things most cats like. I will be answering questions as well. Nougat is there for eye candy…..and photo opportunities! Seating is limited, so call Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital to make your reservation now. See you on Monday, October 6 at 7:30 pm!