I’m a Pathetic Cat Mom

You may remember a while back I blogged about a photo shoot two of my cats did for litter packaging. I checked regularly to see if the litter was out and was just about ready to give up. Then, I saw litter packaging that had two cats similar in looks to mine with a similar background as our photo shoot had. I was disappointed as it appeared that the packaging was redone using different cats. I thought my babies were dumped.

Well, a couple of nights ago, I was surfing the Internet and just decided to take one more look. And there they were! Their picture was on the microcrystal version of the same litter as I had seen previously! Sooooo, I spent the remainder of the evening texting and emailing everyone I know. My friends and family are good sports. No one replied “so what?” My Yahoo groups cat lists were very gracious with the news.

If you want to find out about the photo shoot,you can read it here- Celebrity Cats. The main thing I remember about the shoot is how much time was spent rearranging pillows. The end product does show the pillows, but was all that time really worth it?

Nougat and Ganache have no clue about their current status in the marketing world. If they did, they wouldn’t care. I really do know that. I guess I am just a terrible stage mom. They still nap in the same places, play with the same toys, and tolerate their crazy cat lady owner.