The Hospital Gets a Checkup

Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital just got a check up. Yep, it gets one every now and then. Most people are surprised to hear this. I think every business can find value in having an unbiased evaluation of the inner workings of every day operations. Gwen Delavar of VetMgrCentral is the “go to” person for my hospital. Gwen has worked with the hospital for years. Her background includes being a practice manager as well as both a large and small animal veterinary technician. For the past twenty years, she has served as a consultant for practices across the country. I feel fortunate that Gwen has worked with Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital for close to twenty years now.
When Gwen comes for a visit, she spends lots of time observing and evaluating team members and procedures. She talks to staff and doctors, walks through the hospital looking for ways to improve. You see, I think it is very important to keep evaluating the job we do at the hospital. The doctors need to continue learning new medicine and procedures. Support team members need to develop new skills and refine old ones. It’s part of being of service to our clients and staying excited about our profession.
But, do you know what the best feedback we get is? It’s from our clients: the fact that our clients trust us to take care of their beloved pets. That’s an important job. At Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital, it’s a job we take very seriously.