Guard Cat Video Goes Viral

Have you seen the viral video that’s making the rounds of TV and the Internet? You know, the one where the neighbor’s dog attacks the small child in the front yard and is saved by the family cat? The cat is amazing! It flies out after the dog and chases it away. The cat is being called a hero. It certainly is!

When I was much younger, I think I was in junior high school, I was standing in my front yard when a loose dog ran up and jumped on my hip. I hadn’t seen it coming. It wasn’t aggressive, but I was startled. In a flash, my sweet black cat ran up, jumped on the back of the dog and literally rode it out of the yard. I had no doubt and still don’t that she was protecting me.

Cats are wonderful pets. Yes, the kitty in the video showed how they have been known to physically protect their humans. But, there are also stories of cats waking their owners in emergency situations. But, the most important role many cats serve is that of a companion, a friend there to help its’ person enjoy life. Spend some time with your cat today. Play with it, scratch its’ chin, even sing your favorite song to it. You’ll feel great and your kitty will too.