Karen’s Twenty-fifth Anniversary

20140329_194803It’s hard to believe Karen Sippel has been with Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital for twenty-five years! I remember when she had only one son, now she has three grown Sippel men, two of which are in the military! Through all the years, Karen has remained energetic, hard working, and devoted to the clients and patients at the hospital.

Karen makes the third team member that has been with the hospital for over twenty-five years. This crew “remembers when”. There have been a lot of changes both in the hospital and the profession in general. For people in the field, it means adjusting and growing with the changes. Karen has been able to do that. She has continued to develop new skills while fine tuning the old ones.

I have a running joke with Karen that I will be the oldest practicing veterinarian in history with the oldest assistant. We will both be treating pets with hearing aids in place and walkers to help us get around.

Karen is a Schuylkill County native. She lives in Schuylkill Haven with her husband, their three Labradors, three cats, and one cockatoo. Congratulations on this milestone, Karen! Here’s to the next twenty-five!