Surgery for Truffles

Truffles had surgery today. She is recovering very well, and so am I. You see, Truffles, the subject of a previous blog, is one of my senior pets. She had skin cancer on her right ear necessitating having the tip of her ear amputated. She is now asymmetrical. I love her whether her ears match up or not.

I took her to the hospital today knowing she would need surgery, but not sure whether it would be done today or tomorrow. She sat in her crate, looking pitiful as all cats do when traveling. But something else struck me. Truffles looks old. I remember the adorable kitten she was at one time. I think about how many nights she has kept me awake demanding to be petted. And, I wonder when our time together will come to an end. Yes, I started crying while driving my car.

I dried up my tears on arrival at the hospital, took care of her check up and then discussed surgery with Dr Mengle. And then the tears started up again. It really wasn’t  a complicated surgery and, heaven knows, Dr Mengle is a superior surgeon. I trust Samantha, the surgical nurse implicitly.  The fact is, I just hated the thought that she needed surgery to be comfortable. You see, pets can’t tell us about pain. I have no doubt the tip of her ear was always painful. I had watched the lesion go from very tiny to enough to be concerned.

Truffles had no problem in surgery. The surgical team provided her with expert care and pain relief. When her ear heals, she will no longer have that discomfort. Truffles gets regular injections for the arthritis she developed with age. While she does have heart disease, it does not require treatment at this time.

Yes, Truffles is old. This is the time in a pet’s life when they need health care the most. It is my responsibility to provide Truffles with the care she needs to be pain free and healthy. I wanted to ignore the problem on her ear (you know, like an ostrich with its head in the sand). I didn’t want to acknowledge my cat is old and has issues. It hurts my heart to think about it. But in reality, yes, Truffles is old.