Vacation Time!

I just spent a few days in Cape May. I had never been there before. For thirty years people have been telling me to go to Cape May. “It’s beautiful”. “You’ll love it”. I’ve been told this so many times! It is beautiful and I did love it. But, as usual, when I go away I miss my animals and am glad to be back home with them. What made this trip atypical for me was that there was no veterinary conference, dog show or seminar, or cat event. I generally don’t go anywhere unless it is one of these.

I spent time on the beach, visiting wineries, eating at delicious restaurants, and enjoying the sites. I did not see many pets while there. A few dogs, but not one cat, passed by. I started getting antsy for a pet fix pretty quickly. I wish I could Skype with my pets. I miss their presence around me. I miss the constant interactions I have with them throughout the day. At the same time, I have to confess , it is nice not to have to deal with litter boxes, feeding times, stall cleaning , watering, poop scooping, etc.  for several days. Not that I mind those duties! It is a part of my routine, as much as brushing my teeth. But, I guess, a change of pace is good for everyone sometimes.

What happens to my animals while I am away? I have a house sitter stay at the house to cover pet duties. Those who stay are people I trust totally with the welfare of my fur family. It is a big job. Most people do not have the number of animals I do. Honestly, I think the sitter has trouble telling the cats apart. It’s not a big deal. Cats don’t care if you get their name wrong. While I miss my animals when gone, I can relax knowing that they are in good hands.