Therapy Pets


Have you ever thought about taking your pet into nursing homes or schools to provide comfort and pleasure to others?? Lots of people enjoy doing this. Lots of patients, residents, and students enjoy being visited! It’s a win win situation. At Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital and Canine Learning Center, we offer a class to help you and your dog become certified with Love On A Leash. The classes include a review of skills needed to pass the test and then the test.

What is the advantage to being certified? The biggest one is insurance for your volunteer time. If an elderly person trips over your dog or something else unforeseen happens, you are covered and don’t have to sweat the possibilities. In addition, it is proof that YOUR dog has the skills needed to be safe in what can be an unpredictable environment.

We recently graduated a class of four handler/dog teams that passed with flying colors to go out and make a difference. Good for them. We are proud of these people and their dogs and know they will make many folks happy.

What, you don’t have a dog? Well, Love On A Leash also certifies other animals. It’s not the same criteria, but the work is just as important. A friend of mine takes her cat into a nursing home. Many of the residents love him. It’s amazing! He turns into a different cat, purring and cuddling with people who are thrilled to pet his fur. Let’s just say, he’s not like that at home!

SVH does not offer this class year round, but if you are interested, call and get on the list for the next one!


Photo courtesy of The US Army via Flickr