Should You Microchip Your Pet?



Once again in August, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital will run a month long special on microchips for your pet. The discount gives people an opportunity to microchip their pet if they haven’t already. A microchip is a once and done identification for your pet. The microchip won’t fall off like tags do or become illegible like a tattoo.

Every one of my pets are microchipped. I believe in it. I live in fear that one will be lost  for whatever reason.  Beloved pets are lost from cars after an auto accident. They run during a frightening thunder storm or firework display. They escape when kids are running in and out gates or doors. They slip out when first responders arrive due to a fire or illness. I want my cats and dogs to have ID. They can’t talk.

I love the Internet stories about pets that have returned home due to a chip that a loving owner had implanted. Nobody PLANS to lose a pet. The people that microchip their pets wear seat belts in case of a car accident. Just in case. Some of the web stories have pets returning home after years of being lost. Some are thousands of miles away! When I rescued my pathetic Crinkle, I checked him for a chip right away. If he’d had one, his family would have had their wonderful cat back.

The microchip is simply an injection of a chip between the shoulder blades. That’s it. A pinch in trade for life long identification. Once in place, an owner registers the chip with a national database. Any changes in address or phone number should be reported to the database.

If your pet isn’t currently microchipped, there is no time like the present. There is no down side. The August discount makes it and even better time to do it!