8373040043_7ebc16ba95I started a new project recently as a result of following  a lot of dog threads on the internet. Over the past year or so there have been an alarming number  of incidences involving police officers killing pet dogs. Some of these are on video; it seems everybody has a smart phone these days. I watched some of these videos as horrific as they are. What I am seeing for the most part are situations that could be avoided with proper training. Thus….my new project.

Law enforcement officers are highly trained individuals in many areas. They deal with many difficult situations daily as part of their jobs. I am glad they are around. But, I don’t want my dog shot because they run to an officer in an enthusiastic greeting. It’s happened. It seems that police do not get adequate training in order to understand dog behavior to prevent problems.

My guess is many of these badge carrying people like pets. I’m betting many of them go home to a family dog. But, when out in the field, they are more likely to react to a fearful dog like they would an aggressive person, which escalates the situation. Disaster for the dog and a public relations nightmare for the department ensue.

I have teamed with retired law enforcement officer Michael Girvin to educate officers on how to read and handle dogs they may encounter. Mr Girvin is currently a positive dog trainer residing in Easton with a broad knowledge of dog behavior. He also can speak the language of police. That’s something I can’t do! Our venture is called Canine Observations & Police Safety (COPS). Follow us on Facebook!

We truly hope we can make a difference. It is our goal to educate officers in order to avoid the tragic shooting of pets. We hope this message spreads far and wide.



photo at top courtesy of mmwm on Flickr