Twenty-five Years with Jackie

992838_551055258266228_695988_nIt’s an important anniversary for those involved with Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital in Pottsville. It’s been twenty-five years since Jackie Clay joined our team. When Jackie joined all those years ago, she had two small children and a husband at home. Jackie has been through hard times as well as good times since then. The breakup of her marriage, health issues, the marriages of her children, and the birth of her grandchildren to name a few.

Jackie is known by her coworkers as a person with absolute compassion for pets. A fellow dog and cat owner, she understands clients’ concerns. She is also a person with an eye for detail. Jackie is in charge of keeping the hospital clean as well as the lab and radiograph equipment in good order. Nobody has more patience than Jackie when it comes to cleaning and maintaining itsy bitsy pieces of equipment. Nobody is better at taking an xray film than Jackie.

Throughout all these years Jackie has been a faithful member of the team, Thank you, Jackie, for your service.