Experience Counts!


Last weekend was exciting for the team at Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital. One of our own, Sam, married her long time boyfriend, Mark. We are all so happy for them! It was a lovely wedding. It was also one of the only times we have all been in the same place at one time! Even Dr Weiss, who works in NJ now, came back to join in the celebration. Looking at these people made me realize how long most of us have been together.

I joined this practice almost thirty years ago. Since then, a few veterinarians and team members have come and gone. But there has been a core crew that has been with me through thick and thin. Most of the employees are long term. Honestly, I take pride in this fact. When you bring your pet in to Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital, there is a good chance you are dealing with a team member with over twenty years of experience. If you do meet a “newer” member of the team, you can be assured that there is someone with many more years to back them up.

I think “team” is the best term to describe the unit of people here at SVH. We all have the same goal, to give you and your pet the BEST service, value, and progressive veterinary care possible. All staff members have special interest or talents and I encourage them to develop expertise in whatever that is.  We all also have something in common, a true, deep love for the animals. We are all pet owners. We can empathize with clients with difficult decisions in front of them. We also, even after many years, rejoice in the new puppy or miraculous recovery of a sick patient.

If you haven’t come by the hospital to meet us, we hope you do. Bring your pet in for a treat. If you have been coming for years, thank you. We appreciate your patronage. That is why we are open most evenings and every Saturday to be available when you need us. Our experienced team can handle most anything that comes our way!