A New Generation of Flea Collars



One thing I deal with every summer through fall in practice is flea infestation. Clients do not start preventive flea control early enough in the spring, stop it too early in the fall, or fail to give it regularly. There are certain products I have grown to love. Advantage has been a mainstay of my flea control program for years. Last year, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital began carrying Parastar Plus for dogs and EasySpot for cats. Both of these made in the USA  products have an ingredient in common with Frontline . Both are effective for fleas and ticks when used on a regular basis.

This year, we have added one more product in the flea and tick control line. It is a new generation of flea collar, Seresto. Unlike the flea collars of yester year that had limited effectiveness and limited safety, this flea collar has the same ingredient as in Advantage embedded into the material of the collar for time release action!! It lasts EIGHT months. When I first heard about this collar, I thought about the first of every month when I round up my double digit number of cats and put drops on them. Cats can be dramatic. My next thought was about my calico cat, Truffles, who is my best friend all winter long and then in the spring becomes a barn cat with no intention of getting dosed with EasySpot. I bribed friends to catch her so she could be treated. Well, no more. This year I placed Seresto collars on all the cats. I’m done for eight months. I think I am gonna party at the first of next month!


Truffles photo by Mark Thornton