OMG! My Computer Crashed!

It happened most unexpectedly. The blank screen appeared and no matter how many keys I hit, my monitor refused to come back to life. No big deal, right? Computers crash all the time. Well, I’m addicted. Access to emails, Facebook, my blogs, my pictures, Veterinary Information Network, etc, was gone. OK, so I could get on line with my smart phone. But, that died the same week. I was in a technological void. I struggled along with my lap top at work. I missed my user friendly PC.

Fortunately, Harrison at the AT&T store in Pottsville fixed me up with a new phone that is wonderful, easy to use and versatile. I downloaded my favorite ringtone, the Meow Mix jingle, and I am a happy camper.

Now, Jamison of Intelligent Systems put together a new computer for me.  He was  able to retrieve my pictures….I haven’t backed up in a year. I was afraid I’d lost Orchid’s puppy pictures, Nougat’s pictures in the Santa hat, and Dazzle’s last pictures before her sudden death.  I am so relieved I still have my babies’ photos!

My friend Erica, of Ramus Realty, a known computer geek, also gave me a helping hand. She has always been there for me to deal with web site issues or anything to do with software.  She’s the best at giving me lessons on Internet issues.