Yet Another Veterinary Conference

I’ve lost track of the number of veterinary conferences I have gone to in the last thirty years. From one hour evening seminars to one day conferences to the major leagues……huge conferences in veterinary medicine that have such a variety of classes going on at any one time, it is hard to choose. I just returned from the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. It seems they always hold these large conferences in tourist towns. The truth is, the gatherings are so big, it would be hard to find a venue large enough to accommodate the number of people attending in other areas.

Las Vegas is a fun town, even for people like me who don’t gamble. I didn’t think I would like it when I first went two years ago. The reason I originally chose this meeting was because I now have a niece who lives in the area. I rarely get to see her. Her sons are growing up. When I went the first time, Katie and her boys (her husband and sons), met me and we all went to see the white tiger exhibit. They are a family of animal lovers. This time we went to Springs Preserve, a local native sanctuary with a botanical garden, native animal species on exhibit, and a wonderful exhibit of the development of the local geography. It was very well done. We also took a drive up to the Hoover Dam. Amazing!

During the week of the conference, I spent evenings going out to wonderful dinners and some great shows with friends. So, now you are wondering if I ever went to class! I did…every day. I went to classes to recertify my accreditation. It is a federal program that involves recognizing and properly reporting certain diseases, to protect that nation’s food supply and public health. A break out of one of the reportable diseases could be devastating to the US agricultural industry.

I also went to classes about dog and cat issues that I routinely deal with, from “Skinny Old Cats” to “Genetic Counseling in Canines”. Nutrition, management of renal disease, and flea and tick control are among the classes I attended. I brought lots of information back with me. As far as coming home, well, I miss the 65 degree and sunny days, but am glad to be back with my fur kids. Like you, I miss them terribly when I am gone.