Barkin Valentine


Military working dogs are those hard working dogs that work side by side with soldiers in the armed forces. They are highly trained in skills that may include explosive detection, sentry duty, and search and rescue. These dogs are valued resources that deserve respect and honor. This Valentine’s Day, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital in Pottsville, is celebrating these dogs with the “Barkin Valentine” program.

This program will provide care packages to military working dogs. Schuylkill County residents may bring toys, treats, Kongs, brushes, nylon or leather collars and leashes, or canine cooling vests to the hospital on Route 61 south of Pottsville. Monetary donations will also be accepted to put toward these items. From now until Valentine’s Day, stop in and contribute to a gift for a canine soldier.


photo at top courtesy of The US Army via Flickr

photo in middle courtesy of Corps United States Marine Official Page via Flickr

photo at bottom courtesy of The US Army via Flickr