New Year’s Resolutions for Dog Owners


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It’s once again a new year. I am thinking about the things I wish all dog owners would employ to improve the quality of their canine friend’s life. Most of them are simple and take very little time and money.

First and foremost….exercise your pet. Most dogs are under exercised and bored. A daily walk or game of fetch is a good time to bond with your buddy. If your dog pulls too much to walk on a leash, call Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital in Pottsville for help. We can help you train your dog or fit your dog with equipment that will make life easier for both of you. Many Pottsville area clients feel that simply putting your dog out in the yard is exercise enough. It’s not. They need the mental stimulation and time with you that a walk or game provides. Where do you find the time? Make it a 30 minute priority. Give up time on the Internet, phone or TV. You can make it family time as well, with spouse and children.

Give your dog a quality diet. If your dog is overweight, it will feel much better and be healthier if it loses the excess poundage. The team at Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital has taken courses in nutrition and is very concerned about your pet’s weight and dietary needs. We are there to help!

Catch your dog up on health care. Not every vaccine is needed for every dog. At our hospital, we know what diseases are common in our area and want your dog protected. At a vaccination appointment, we will discuss with you our recommendations based on the latest research available. We want what is best for your pet. Don’t wait until your dog’s teeth are rotting out and painful. Preventive dentistry keeps your dog healthy and happy. We are in this line of work because we love pets!. We are cat and dog owners. We practice what we preach, so to speak. We can help your old dog with arthritis or help you prevent a flea infestation.

Get rid of antiquated and hostile training equipment and attitudes toward training. Training should be a bonding time with your dog, not a me versus dog time. If the Navy Seals can train their amazing military dogs with positive methods and get the results they do, so can you! Toss the prong, choke and shock collars. What do you think the pain they cause does to your relationship with your dog? Learn current techniques that are science based and humane. Canine Learning Center recommends and uses ONLY dog friendly methods. These methods work,. I have put over 30 competition titles on dogs using them. It’s not magic, it’s training.

Last, walk the walk. If you are not committed to a dog for a lifetime, don’t get one. When you do bring a dog into your home, it takes time, effort and money to maintain it properly. The payment in return is priceless.



Photo of Visa by Roxanne Franklin