Dressing up Pets


I admit it. I think it’s adorable when I see pets come in to Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital wearing clothes. Most of the time, it is winter time and the smaller dogs with short or sparse hair are wearing coats for warmth. But, I love the fashion conscious pooch with matching collar and hoodie. I love the bling that often accompanies the stylish look. We start seeing dressed up pets at Halloween. I remember years ago when a client had dyed (with food coloring) her two little white dogs for the occasion! The costumes are getting more and more creative each year. Christmas outfits are getting more elaborate.

I think it is fun that my Pottsville area clients do this! Most of the dogs are happy for the extra attention it brings them. Owners should always be careful that their pet is comfortable, no binding on sensitive areas or uncomfortable fabrics. If a pet has never been dressed, keep the session short and start small and reward lavishly for cooperation. Never leave a pet unsupervised in a costume. Anxious animals could ingest or get tangled up in fabric.

As for my pets, I have never really dressed them up. Well, except for reindeer antlers on a Lab for a party. And, well, last year, I got a Santa hat for the foster cats at Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital for a photo op to help them find a home for the holidays. After that session, I did bring the hat home and take pictures of Nougat wearing it.

This year, I couldn’t find the Santa hat. (Do you think the cats hid it?) So, I borrowed a Santa hat from Dr Mengle. She had used it on her bearded dragon, Sobe, last year for his holiday picture. Is this getting a little weird yet? The hat fit over the deformed ear of Crinkle the rescue cat and I, of course, took a picture. I had picked up reindeer antlers for cats at a local store. I put them on Nougat for a photo. Wasn’t a good look for him. Sobe’s Santa hat was too small for Nougat, so what else was I to do? I ordered a purple sequined Santa hat with matching scarf. Purple is Nougat’s color. He was THRILLED.