Unexpected Litter

Several years ago, I had a client come in with her cat for a check up. He was a sixteen year old male cat that was not neutered. He was a lovely, personable cat. It is unusual to see an older male cat that is not neutered. For one, they generally stink to high heaven and therefore cannot be kept in the house. If kept outside, they don’t live to a ripe old age as males fight and wander. This cat lived inside. Not only was he odorless, but the owner reported he did not spray. Most male cats spray urine in the house. staking out their turf. We discussed castrating him, There is no real health reason for a cat ( it’s different for dogs). But, in this case there was a problem…..I was told he had sired a litter with a kitten the family had adopted and failed to spay in a timely manner. I found it difficult to believe he was the true sire as most animals lose fertility with age. An aged dog would certainly be considered unlikely to be fertile.

So, I was thinking , the family female cat had probably briefly escaped the confines of the house and had met a boy cat for a brief encounter. That is, until the clients brought in the kittens for their check up. They were adorable white carbon copies of daddy!!!! There was no doubt this elderly male had indeed sired this litter. This episode goes under the “who’d a thunk?” column.