Does Your Pet Need a Microchip?


Does your pet have a microchip implanted for permanent identification? If not, why not? It is the most accurate identification available. Collars and tags, while a good idea, may get lost ( or removed). If you are in a car accident and your pet escapes the vehicle, or someone opens your gate or door and your pet makes a run for it, your pet can easily panic and keep running. The shelters are filled with pets that have no identification.  I hate the thought that even one of the animals in the care of a shelter has a loving family that has given up hope.

The Internet regularly has happy ending stories about pets that are reunited with their families. Sometimes immediately, sometimes years later.  I live in fear of losing one of my furkids, through bad luck , accident, or theft. I have made sure everyone of my pets are microchipped. My recently rescued cat Crimpet escaped one day when almost fully recovered from his ordeal. He was gone for a day. I was sick with worry and guilt ridden as I had not gotten around to putting tags on him or injecting him with a microchip. As soon as he came home, he got both!

If your pet does not have a microchip, there is no time like the present. Once chipped, be sure to keep your information on the registry up to date. Ten years from now, the microchip company needs to be able to find you if someone finds your lost pet.


photo courtesy of Jason Wermager via Flickr