Are You Prepared to Care for Your Pets in an Emergency?


Schuylkill County Animal Response Team recently presented a seminar at our facility on what pet owners need to know to be prepared in case of emergency.  Jay Woodford, head of the organization, as always, was articulate and informative. The people involved in this really care about animals of all kinds and are committed to their safety. As a matter of fact, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital received a call one Saturday as a gas leak had been reported next door. SCART wanted to know if we needed help evacuating animals. We didn’t; no evacuation was needed, but, it sure was nice to know there would be assistance if necessary!

Some of the information included the importance of ID tags on your pet as well as microchipping for identification. Also, have  a “pet passport “ with a description of your pet, information on food and any medication, as well as a picture of you and your pet together. Keep a pet emergency kit with several days worth of food, medication and other necessities in a safe location. If you have multiple cats or other small animals, have a carrier for EACH pet!

More information is available at www.ready,gov.