June is Adopt a Cat Month




Did you know June is adopt a cat month? Not that cats can’t be adopted at anytime! It is an unfortunate fact that shelters throughout the country are over run with cats of all ages and colors  at any one time. But this time of year it is kitten season. Kittens by the dozens arrive at shelters. While overworked shelter employees and volunteers do their best to keep up, it is an impossible task. Finding homes for all these cats is an uphill battle to say the least. Keeping these cats healthy in a stressed, crowded environment while waiting for good homes is difficult at best.

How can you help? Open your home to a pet if at all possible. Commit to a lifetime of care, not just until you move,  the cat gets sick, or it is no longer fun to have the responsibility. If you can’t adopt, consider fostering a homeless cat. Cats are much less stressed in a home environment. When they are less stressed, they are healthier and more adoptable. I adopted two of my cats from a rescue near Philadelphia several years ago. The foster family had a small room in their house designated for their foster work. As soon as one (or one litter) was adopted out, they were replaced with another homeless pet. It was a family project. The children helped socialize the animals. It was a terrific way to teach the kids how to contribute to society.


If you unable to help by adoption or fostering there are plenty of other things you can do. From dropping off needed supplies, to collecting coupons, to participating in or planning fundraisers, and even helping with transportation of pets, there are many ways to help. With the advent of Petfinder and other internet adoption sites, great photographs can make all the difference in marketing a pet to potential adopters, so shutterbugs can enjoy their hobby and assist in finding forever homes!

Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital has worked with Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA  since its reopening last year. In addition to managing the health care of the cats there, we also foster cats at our hospital. So, during adopt a cat month, stop in, meet Cayenne and Chili, and fall in love!