Emotional Support From Pets

Have your pets helped you through a tough time? I know mine have. Life can be a bumpy road. People ride out the bumps turning to spouses, friends and, yes, pets, for support. Over the years, many of my Schuylkill County clients have told me how their pets have helped them through divorce, loss of a family member, or illness.

Why is this? I feel it is the unconditional love and companionship they offer. I know my pets don’t care if I am looking out of sorts. I know they are OK with it if I wake them up in the middle of the night  by turning on the TV. They enjoy the extra time I may need with them. They don’t think of me as needy or a burden.

Most pet lovers understand this. Most have leaned on their pet in hard times. An extra walk in the company of your dog can be a remarkable stress reliever. A current television commercial filmed from the dog’s point of view shows a dog and his owner walking through a field and finding a ball. The point of the ball is that it makes the dog happy and the owner happy. And gets the owner to smile……which makes the dog very happy!

Cat owners get the same pleasure. Is there anything more pleasurable than a purring kitty?? Many of my clients appreciate their cats for their companionship as well as play time. Cat people look forward to the time their cat chooses to cuddle with them.

I’d love to hear how your pet has contributed to your life in hard times.


Cat photo courtesy of Ariadne Elle via Flickr

dog photo courtesy of Dyvo via Flickr