The Advantages of Multiple Pet Ownership for Me ( and my clients)



dog test subjects

I am a lifelong pet owner. Having one is not good enough for me. It has been many years since I have not had a FULL house of pets. I love it. I love them! I’d like to think that they are all happy campers 24 hours a day, but a house full of different personalities can have conflicts. They also form friendships, cat to cat, dog to dog and cat to dog. They have their BFFs.

One advantage for me, and my Schuylkill County clients, is that there is rarely an issue I have not dealt with personally.  Dog aggression…yup, I fostered a dog with it. Puppy housebreaking issues…..been there, done that, many times.  Cat that sprays……oh, yeah. Old pet issues……too many times. I have tons of empathy for the challenging pets.

The key is working on issues that crop up until they are solved, or managed successfully. I use the term management, as some problems cannot be solved. The dog aggressive foster? I found a home for it as an only dog with an experienced dog owner. The spraying cat? Medicine. The house training puppy? Persistence and patience. Once, I rescued a very shy, sweet cat that never adjusted to the household. She was a lovely cat, who lived out her life with a friend of mine as an only kitty. I made the decision

cat test subjects

that was best for her.

But, one of the great reasons for a veterinarian to have multiple pets  is that I have a built in testing lab. As a cook has their family to try new recipes on, I have my pets to try new diets,

flea and tick medications and behavior modalities. I am an experienced pet owner, and I love it!