Vaccinations and Your Pet


I have seen far too many pets suffer and/or die from diseases that could be prevented by proper vaccination. It seems some pet owners are leery of vaccines today because of frightening stories they read on the internet.

I can assure all of my Schuylkill County clients that I only recommend and give the vaccinations I give to my own pets. I do not purchase vaccines based on what brand is cheapest or what deal the company is giving with the purchase of a vaccine. I cannot speak for other veterinarians, but what I inject into your pet has to be what I feel is the BEST vaccine available.

Dr Weiss and I spend hours reviewing our vaccine protocols every year to determine the frequency of and type of vaccines we recommend.  We determine if certain vaccines are useful in our area. New vaccines are produced regularly to protect pets. Not all are necessary for many pets. It is a veterinarian’s job to sort through what is on the market, the research behind it, and what risk individual pets have.

Continuing education on the subject is necessary to keep up with the latest developments in this area. It is far more than what many clients will read on the internet. Both of us attend regular conferences for days discussing the pros and cons of various vaccines. We take this very seriously. We listen to the most respected doctors in this field. We bring home what they say and use it to formulate our preventive medicine plan.

When bringing a pet to Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital, pet lovers can expect that we have done our homework to provide the latest and best for your pet’s inoculations.  We are concerned about every pet’s safety and protection from disease.