Continuing Education at Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital

As a veterinarian for almost twenty-nine years and having been in the field for ten years prior to graduation from veterinary school, the one constant that I see in the field is the advancement of medicine and the need to continue learning. I take this obligation very seriously for both my team and myself. It important to take what I know and constantly question it and improve on it.

There are a number of professional journals I subscribe to, and, yes, I read them. If I get behind, I tend to take a week and intensely read to catch up. I am also a member of Veterinary Information Network, which is an online education site for veterinarians. It is a tremendous source of specialist information and informal second opinions. I also diligently attend seminars. Some seminars are all day on one subject (I feel really smart when I leave:)). Others are hour long lectures as a part of a larger conference on many different subjects. At these events, I tend to attend both lectures on subjects I feel proficient in to see if there are any updates as well as lectures on subjects I feel I need to improve in. The state of Pennsylvania requires 30 hours of formal continuing education per two years. The last I checked, I had accumulated four times what is needed by law. So, you can tell, I think it is important!

I believe continuing education is necessary for team members as well. Many of the staff at Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital have been with the hospital for over 20 years. To keep them up to date with products, nutrition,  diseases, etc, they are required by the hospital to accumulate at least 15 hours eduation per year. Some of this involves in house lectures, some are on line courses, and others are daylong seminars presented by experts in major cities.

Pet owners that bring their furry family members to Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital can be confident their pets are receiving up to date, loving care.