Different Relationships with Different Pets

Different Relationships with Different Pets

My Sparkle

As a multiple pet owner for many years, I have struggled to come to terms with my conscience because I knew in my heart I had favorites. I felt as guilty as a parent with a preferred child. But, as I have matured, so has my understanding of the varying levels of relationships with pets. I have no doubt I always loved all my pets and took responsibility for good care and attention for each one.

A competitor in dog sports, I always want the winning dog. Nobody likes to lose and I am the first one to admit that. But, the best of my dogs  in the ring have not always been the closest to my heart. I can’t explain what makes a relationship with a dog so close that I know she reads my every thought and I hers. I spend individual time with each dog, training, playing and just being together. But, over the years, there have been a couple that were not just loved by me, but were a part of me.

My Special Fauna

My Special Fauna

I have the same experience with my many cats, without the competition factor. I brought each kitty home, almost all were rescues, with a lifelong commitment. For whatever reason, certain cats truly have left pawprints on my heart. I have had relationships with all of them. They have all been loved and received equal, quality care.

I no longer feel guilty over the differences. I have learned to accept each relationship for what it is and not agonize over perceived inequality. I appreciate each individual for the joy it brings into my life and in return, I try to do my best to fulfill that pet’s needs.



  1. Wendy Conway says

    I know how you feel. Lucy was my doggy soulmate and always will be I think.

  2. Pets are like people or our kids. Each one has a personality of their own. Animals know when you’re into them and when you’re just a good friend. Some animals enjoy that connection other don’t. It’s the ones who connect that become our favorites. I love my Duffy. He’s smart, funny and loving. But our connection is not as strong as I’d like. Don’t get me wrong he is fantastic but he come to me on the heels of the most amazing dog I’ve ever known. Connecting with him at the begining was slow but it gets better all the time. And Duffy is a different dog from all the others. He was like meeting a new friend. I’ve had several dogs at the same time and I loved them all but I had my favorites too. It’s the pecking order of the pack. It’s human nature. It’s what we are…


    • kraig pride says


      Pets are helping the human race to live longer more prosperous lives just by being there by their owner. Who can we talk to when we need a friend? Who will listen and comfort you when no one else will? Who else but your pet.Pets serve a function for people that no other person or thing can replace. They are unique in the sense of the power they have over human beings therapeutically and what I would call pet-bonding. I used to feed my dog Lehua a raw egg mixed into her food. She loved it and it was a treat for her. What I would always do is go in the kitchen where she can see me through the window and I would mix the egg in a bowl first. She would know it was for her by the sound of the fork hitting the sides of the bowl when I mixed the egg. Right away she would get really excited and she would lick her lips knowing that she would get egg in her food. And it was great to see her jump all around and smile and see her eyes light up in excitement. Somehow this procedure got stuck in her thoughts (cognitive) and she would express her memory (sensory motor) with overt behavior. Pets will always be a special part of my life and I feel it is good for me to be able to write this.Having any sort of pet gives one a sense of gratification and a sense of happiness that non-pet-owners do not receive.
      thanks for sharing