OK, So Now I Am a Cat Show Person

Bon Bon

When I turned 50, I decided I wanted a purebred cat for the first time in my life. I had rescues over the years that were beautiful, wonderful cats, but I wanted a cat bred for specific looks and temperament. I chose the RagaMuffin breed and waited two years for my kitten. Bon Bon came from a reputable breeder with an excellent background. He was an adorable package of fluff and attitude. AND, he was show quality.  I went to my first cat show with a friend to see what it was like. Having shown horses and dogs, it didn’t take much for me to get the bug. I entered my first show with Bon Bon. With help from his breeder I learned the intensive grooming procedure that was required. It paid off. My sable with white boy won a Best Kitten in Show under one judge. I was thrilled! And hooked!


As I was new to this venue, I sought out mentors in the show world. I have learned so much from other cat exhibitors. They have been extremely helpful along the way. My current show cat is Nougat. He won Best RagaMuffin Kitten at the RagaMuffin Nationals at his first show and Best Kitten in Show. He is currently the leading RagaMuffin kitten in the nation. But, more important, he is a fabulous, sweet, cat to live with. Honestly, he has no idea he is so famous in the cat show world. He plays and sleeps with his adopted stray sisters. Aren’t cats fabulous? Recently, he went to his first show as an adult ( over 8 months of age) and got most of his points for a Grand Championship in one weekend!!


I knew a lot about cats before I started this; I have learned so much more. Do you have any idea how complicated cat colors can be??? That in itself is a significant challenge! It has been an interesting journey, making new friends, learning new skills and most of all, enjoying cats.


  1. Michele Gravish says

    That’s awesome Dr. Thornton…where do you find the time?…LOL…

  2. Michele Gravish says

    By the way….they are gorgeous cats!

  3. They are beautiful cats. The same thing can happen with guinea pigs!!! LOL

    Check our website’s Show/Results page. http://coalregioncavies.webs.com/showsresults.htm

    In the Furry Family page there is a picture of our Blue Point Ragdoll Luna http://coalregioncavies.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=150974292

    Best of luck to you!

  4. kraig pride says

    This site is awesome!
    I have had mostly Persians for about 20 years now. I have noticed that they usually carry their tails low, but when I come home, they run to the door with their tails in the air like flagpoles. When they are happy, they seem to raise their tails. I have found this to be true, regardless of the cats I have had, including one Persian mix and one Norwegian Forest mix.
    When I’m working at my computer she wants to help me type – she walks on the keyboard – if I try and ignore her she smacks me with her paw and as I call it – she plays ‘goat’ with head butting…..I like when she’s looking out the window and tries talking to the birds – I’m in trouble if they answer.

    Dr. Thornton
    i think that picture is super adorable.