Insights on Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are nasty, annoying, disease carrying insects. Tick season starts in the spring; the peak of flea season is the fall. A good offense is the best defense. If you wait until you see these obnoxious beings, you are late in the game. This past winter was particularly warm, so both insects will most likely be prevalent this year. I recommend you start your pets on a quality flea and tick medication NOW.

This year, Schuylkill Veterinary Hospital is carrying EasySpot for cats and Parastar Plus for dogs. Both have the same basic ingredient as Frontline. Parastar Plus has an added ingredient for faster kill for both fleas and ticks. Both products are MADE IN THE USA. This is very important to me as no other country requires the level of safety in production and testing that the US does. I also believe in keeping jobs in this country, which we all know will only happen if we buy products made here instead of China, Europe, wherever.

As a general practice veterinarian (family doctor of sorts!) , one of my jobs is to evaluate products on the market so I can make informed recommendations to my clients. I weed through all the hype companies put out about their products, go to lectures given by experts in the field, and evaluate the needs of individual pets. I also have a personal policy of waiting at least six months on any new product before trying it, to avoid problems that may crop up. I ONLY recommend products that I use on my pets (otherwise known as my furkids). Safety is as important as effectiveness. As a matter of fact, my pets are almost always the first in my practice to sample a new product. EasySpot and Parastar Plus passed with flying colors!


No matter what product you use, be sure to follow application instructions carefully, do not combine products unless instructed to by a veterinarian, and reapply at recommended intervals. So, start now, make life easier for your pet and yourself.


tick photo courtesy of azarius via Flickr
flea photo courtesy of AFPMB via Flickr