Love Is Not Enough

Love is not enough. Sounds weird , especially when discussing pets. But, it is true. I find many people seem to truly love their pets, but don’t have the commitment to provide what the pet needs to be happy and healthy. Pets are a responsibility in time, money, and emotion.

It takes a disciplined person to provide the structured training needed for a dog to be able to socialize seamlessly in society. Most dogs love to be included in activities. It takes work and diligence, not just love, to prepare dogs for visits to friends and parks along with stress free walks down the sidewalk. Keeping a dog at home except required visits to the vet is a boring life. Their mind and body need stimulation.

Cats, while not considered to be social animals by many, in reality, are social. While not the same as dogs, cats need interactive play and attention. A sunny window is great, as is a climbing tree, but cats needs their humans to be actively part of their lives.

Cats and dogs are also a financial commitment. They do need regular veterinary care. They can’t talk and don’t display illness in ways that are easily interpreted as such by their owners. Every veterinarian I know has witnessed horrific cases of neglect by people who loved their pet because they either didn’t know or procrastinated needed care for their pet. These same people watch the Animal Planet shows with animal police in horror and donate generously to shelters. Why they don’t see the care their own pets need is something that is a mystery to me.
Most people I see love their pets. I just don’t get it when they are unwilling to provide the basics of care such as regular walks for their dog, a 10 minute game of laser light with their cat or a check up with the vet.


Photo by Beverly & Pack via Flickr. Used with permission.