What Do Vets Talk about with Each Other??

Schuylkill County VeterinarianI just came back from a dinner party with two other veterinarians and their spouses. Great food and good company.  Everybody petted the house dogs and cats, which were lovely, in good condition, and very social. We discussed ages and issues of the “furkids.”

We talked about cases we had seen, both the tough ones and the easy ones. We talked about how we take care of our own pets.  We talked about what conferences we had recently attended and where we planned to go next…. Hopefully, someplace we can all go together and share the learning experience!

We compared notes on how we treat certain conditions. I have learned so much over the years listening to other doctors.  Small details emerge from the back of my mind months after I hear something and, lo and behold, I find I need that information for a patient!

Schuylkill County Cat VeterinarianIn this day of advancing technology and specialization, it is a secure feeling to know I have skilled professionals only a phone call or email away that may assist me to help a pet. Keeping the lines of communication open between us is important. Some people look at us as competitors. We are colleagues.

I am proud of my relationship with many other veterinarians. I hope they know they can count on me in a pinch. From friends in other states that I have known since vet school, to more recent friendships that are  local, I am glad they are my colleagues and friends.

Being a veterinarian is not just what we are; it is who we are.


Veterinary Sign Photo by Average Jane, via Flickr, used with permission