Why I don’t declaw my cats (but will declaw yours)

I have had a house full of cats my entire life. I am a self professed cat addict (are there support groups for this?). Other cat lovers will understand. I am frequently asked by my Schuylkill County clients to declaw their cats. I will, but first explain that declawing is actually an amputation of the distal bone of the finger.

I have never declawed one of my own cats. Part of appreciating cats is enjoying all that is natural to them. How do I keep them from ruining my house??

It’s a labor of love. I cover my antique furniture that I inherited. I apply wide, double stick tape to other items to discourage kitties from scratching, have large cat towers, up to 8 feet tall, in different locations in the house to encourage climbing and scratching at those places. My den has furniture that we can all enjoy, dogs included.

When it wears out, it wears out. After all, a home is a home for all that dwell within.

So will I declaw your cat? Absolutely. Pain control is super these days, with nerve blocks to protect them in addition to anesthesia during surgery and post op pain relief for several days.

If it means a cat will stay in a home where it is loved, there is no question that I will support a decision to declaw a cat, despite my personal decision not to declaw my own.



Top photo courtesy Rob React via Flickr.
Right photo courtesy redcargurl via Flickr.
Bottom photo courtesy Anas Qtiesh via Flickr


  1. Wendy Conway says

    Talking to you helped me to decide never to declaw again. I only have one left who has no claws. 🙂