Welcome to Dr. Thornton’s Blog

Photo by Hulio82 / Flickr

Welcome to our newly redesigned website, and to Dr. Thornton’s first venture into blogging. I hope you find some good information on our site, and check back often to see what is new here. I’ll start with some seasonal information, as it’s getting colder now and we’ll need to remember that winter brings challenges for some of our outdoor pets.

As temperatures drop to the freezing mark, even “outdoor” pets enjoy a bit of warmth, even if it’s just bringing them into our garage. Make sure outdoor dogs have some shelter, such as a sturdy dog house to get out of bitter winds and snow. Bring them into the garage when the temperatures drop into dangerous levels. Also keep an eye on their water dish and don’t let the water freeze in outdoor kennels.

If you have an indoor pet, remember to still take them outside for brief walks or bathroom breaks. Stay with them and don’t leave them out too long.

I plan on writing here regularly and will give you information that will help you keep your pets healthy and happy. Please come back to visit regularly, and make sure to friend us on Facebook!