My nineteen month old Labrador has been a stellar retriever since birth. Bling has an intense way of watching for the throw and then a major drive to get to the object and bring it back to me. With training, she has developed patience to wait until I tell her to “fetch”; once said, she […]

Cat Yard

    Some say I am a crazy cat lady. They might be right.  Prior to my involvement in purebred cats, I had and still have a number of rescue cats. Years ago, I would let my cats be indoor/outdoor cats. I live in a rural area and I had a number of cats disappear, […]

It Takes a Village

Recently, I got an unusual email with the subject line “Lab purchased from you?” It was from a woman named Maryann in New Jersey explaining that she had tracked me down as the possible breeder of a dog whose original owner had died and the current owner was critically ill. When she went on to […]

Rainbow Bridge

                      It’s always hard. Really hard. And sometimes it is harder than that. It is difficult to explain to those who do not have pets what a struggle it is when a beloved animal “goes over the rainbow bridge.” A couple of days ago, I […]

NAR Regional Banquet

  Last weekend I attended the North Atlantic Region Cat Fanciers Association awards banquet. It is a time when the cat show people come together and celebrate the accomplishments of their cats in the previous season. It’s also spending a nice evening with friends. This year, I sat with The RagaMuffin Kitten Breeder Society member […]

Storm and Firework Fear in Dogs.

  It’s that time of year again. For many dogs it is a scary time. The summer months bring thunderstorms and fireworks. There are genetic components of these fears, but they can also develop with exposure. Dogs can be truly terrified. The good news is treatment is available. Don’t you agree that dogs deserve treatment […]

New Babies in the House

I blogged about Orchid not all that long ago. She earned her AKC championship as well as completed another performance title. She passed her health clearances for hip, elbow, heart and eyes and her genetic testing was done. So, Orchid was bred for a litter of chocolate babies to a champion in Virginia. My baby […]

Changing Direction

All things come to an end. I’ve been showing dogs in conformation for over twenty years. I have made a lot of friends, learned a lot, and had some good times. I enjoyed taking my dogs in the ring. I took pride in their training as well as their beauty. I’ve held the leash of […]

RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers’ First Show

  The RagaMuffn Kitten Breeders Society has been in existence for five years. In that time, a handful of breeders and fanciers have promoted the breed, worked toward consistency with a small gene pool and looked forward to sponsoring a CFA show. In 2016, the RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers was formed to allow us to become […]

Champion Orchid

  Every dog show person wants to grab the brass ring. In AKC conformation classes, that is the title of Champion. I’ve been competing with Labrador Retrievers for over twenty years. Every time one of my dogs completed a championship, it was a big event. It is a title that is not easily earned. This […]