Jigsaw’s Legacy

Jigsaw came from a rescue in Philadelphia. Her sister Puzzles, a long haired calico, caught my eye on Petfinder. I drove down to adopt Puzzles and ended up bringing two kittens home as I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the little short haired tortoise sister behind. On the way home, I was in a […]

Nursing Home Visits

Pretty much every week I go to visit a friend of mine in a nursing home. For the sake of this blog, I’ll call her Mary. I’ve known her a long time and am well aware of the love she has for animals. Only 10 months ago, after an acute illness, Mary found herself living […]

Lots of Labradors

This weekend I had the privilege of judging a match show for the Keystone Labrador Retriever Club. It’s the second time I have done this. It’s my Lab club, many of the exhibitors are friends of mine, but there are also people I do not know; I honestly wanted to do the best job I […]

Holiday Baking With a Twist

Every year I fire up the oven, get out the cookie sheets and proceed with holiday baking. I know a lot of people that do the same thing. Mine is a bit different though. Instead of the usual snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, etc., I bake liver brownies. Yes, liver brownies. If you Google liver brownies, you […]

Puzzles’ Checkup

This week was my eight year old rescue cat Puzzles’ turn for her checkup. Even though I see my cats every day, they get their formal checkups every year. I walk the talk, as they say. I did not expect Puzzles to have any issues. But, you never know. Her examination revealed a small weight […]

Kittens’ First Show

It was time to get back to the cat show game after more than 8 months of a break. Of course, participating in a show requires that I have a cat to show. As I never do anything half way, I have TWO RagaMuffin kittens to show! Last weekend was the Santa Paws show, sponsored […]

Ticks- The Ugly Truth

Ticks are terrible, disease carrying organisms. I knew they could be active at times that many people think they are not. But, I recently learned that they are even more active than I thought. In the past, I would take my dogs off flea and tick medication after the second hard frost and restart in […]

Another Dog Seminar

Last weekend I attended a two day seminar sponsored by the Lehigh Valley Kennel Club. The presenter was world famous canine structure expert Pat Hastings. I’ve been to a number of her seminars in the past. This time was the third time I have served as part of the seminar commenting on veterinary issues caused […]

Oh Well……

My nineteen month old Labrador has been a stellar retriever since birth. Bling has an intense way of watching for the throw and then a major drive to get to the object and bring it back to me. With training, she has developed patience to wait until I tell her to “fetch”; once said, she […]

Cat Yard

    Some say I am a crazy cat lady. They might be right.  Prior to my involvement in purebred cats, I had and still have a number of rescue cats. Years ago, I would let my cats be indoor/outdoor cats. I live in a rural area and I had a number of cats disappear, […]